our philosophy

  • Create smart, fun, social games
  • Games shouldn’t take long to set up
  • Games shouldn’t take 4+ hours to play
  • Games should be easy to learn
  • Games should be played by all!


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Our Story

Giant Goblin Games (G3), was born back in 2010 in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. With a desire to create quality games that were easy to learn yet challenging to play. Our goal is to develop  games with interesting themes, fun mechanics, and high quality art and components to immerse the players fully into the game.

Board games, unlike video games, adds an interesting dynamic to social get togethers. It brings people together and creates lasting memories that can fondly be recalled.

G3′s first release is Storm the Castle! was inspired by the old PC game Siege and Castles.  The game is set to be released sometime in winter 2012, hopefully before the Mayan apocalypse.  We’ve decided to use crowd funding (such as KickStarter) to produce our game. With two additional games in the pipeline, we’re hoping to inject some incredible titles into the wonderful world of gaming.


Word on the Street

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