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Storm the Castle! EXTRAs: Grab some great promos and add-ons which are currently on sale. Scroll all the way down for additional images of some of the components. Note: There may be a slight shipping charge for some of these items.

$25 – The Kickstarter Stretch Rewards. Limited number available Includes:

  1. Four new Dark Force units and one Mercenary Unit (The Dark Elf Myst Ranger, the Undead Horde’s Mistress of Deception, the Green Tide’s Goblin Weapon Master, and the Aracanist’s Magiliborian and the wily mercenary, the Demon Ninja Monkey). Also includes their individual reference cards.
  2. Four new Dark Force power cards (Dusk of the Dead, Long Shot, Into a Mirror Darkly, and March of the Goblins) – one for each Dark Force.
  3. 1 new Fantasy Defender unit (the Wood Elf Sniper) and reference card.
  4. 2 Fantasy Defender Event cards (a Change in the Air and Dawn Patrol with accompanying unit token).
  5. Boss Card “Screaming for Vengeance!”


$5 – Exclusive Promo Cards. These ultra rare promo cards add’s even more stormin’ to Storm the Castle!

  1. Includes 3 new event cards including: Taunts from the Good Guys, Onward March 4, and Grease-Coated Walls

$20 – Darkness Rising Mini-Expansion. We’ve got VERY limited numbers of these. Get them while you can! Includes:

  1. Four new Dark Force battlefield upgrades, one for each Dark Force: Wallz Mart, Stone Wedge, The Throne of Deceit, and the Cauldron of Doom. Includes tokens and cards.
  2. Four new Dark Force power cards, one for each Dark Force: Goblin Volunteers?, The Witchling Hour, Trick Shot, and Fear of the Dark.
  3. Four new Boss cards: Elections Canceled, Jump Start, Too Bad so Sad, and Unholy Alliance
  4. Four new Fantasy Defender Event cards: Healing Energy Shot, A Doubt in Leadership, Legendary Warriors, and Build to Last.

$20 – Hardcore Nights Mini-Expansion. We’ve got VERY limited numbers of these. Get them while you can! Includes:

  1. New Fantasy Defender Hero, The Anvil Crusher. Comes with card and unit token.
  2. Four new Fantasy Defender spells, A Mighty Wind, Magic Shield, Fists of Fire, and Molten Aura.
  3. Four new Fantasy Defender events, Selective Service, The Cat’s Meow Tavern Castle Building Upgrade (includes token), the World Needs a Hero, and But I thought…?
  4. Five new alternate Fantasy Defender units cards. Makes the Musketman, Battlemage, Halfling Archer, Dwarven Piker, and Warrior Knight MUCH harder!
  5. Three new alternate Fantasy Defender Hero Cards. Makes the Paladin, Arch-Priestess, and Wizard MUCH deadlier!

$2- I Can Trust You Can’t I?

  1. Comes with the ultra rare loyalty Boss promo card ” I Can Trust You Can’t I”

$15 – Kickstarter Promo Pack. Includes:

  1. Four new Boss cards: Wall Krusher!, Where did I put that?, Babbling, and the mighty Eclipse card!
  2. Four new Dark Force power cards, one for each of the factions: Brainzz, Scavengers, Overload, and Power Slave!
  3. Four new Fantasy Defender event cards: It was Something I Ate?, Tower Defense, Fight On!, and Move it or Lose it!

$3 The Samurai Cook Mercenary Unit Exclusive.

1. Comes with one unit token and card.

$5 Kickstarter Backer Designed Unit Bundle. Includes:

  1. The Armodillo Mercenary Unit – comes with unit card and token.
  2. High General Baron von Siam – this is a new Fantasy Defender unit: Note this unit is not “legal” in tournaments. Comes with the general token and unit card.

$3 – Boss Burst Die. There are very limited numbers of these.

  1. Includes 1 Boss Burst Die. When you’re the boss, look the part!

$10 – Extra Standard Dice

  1. Get three sets (1 burst die and 3 battle dice to each set) of extra dice so each player has a set and no one needs to share any more!

$15 – Faction Dice Set – Very limited numbers.

  1. Show off with a set of four faction dice sets (1 faction burst dice and 3 faction battle dice in each set) for each of the Dark Forces.

$3 – Storm the Castle! Exclusive Dice Bag

  1. Carry yer dice in style with this draw string dice bag with the STC logo on it.

$7 – Token Set. Enhance your game of STC with these beautiful full colored double sided tokens at 4 inches in diameter.

  1. Da Boss token. Show yer the boss with this mighty thick and large “I’m Da Boss” token.
  2. Fantasy Defender Controller token. Stop passing around the reference card and use this beautiful token instead.


 Some samples of the cards listed above: