Fun at Fongo Bongo

On Saturday June 9th, four brave generals met to do battle against the Fantasy Defenders during one of our recent public play tests. The Green Tide, played by John Payne, had an interesting strategy…create tons of goblin sappas with their “extra boom” equipment and launch them in waves against the walls. It was fun watching goblin sappas blow themselves up without damaging any of the walls for about three consecutive turns.  The Dark Elves, played by Greg Piercy, did a fantastic job being the first to destroy his castle wall section and apply a lot of pressure to the defenders. But…good things can’t last. The Fantasy Defenders launched a knightly charge and wiped out most of his units in his battlefield. The Arcanists, played by Nyla, got the hang of how magic works for her army and was one of the first players to breach the walls and came literally within inches of winning. We had all counted out Garrett Hattfield, playing the Undead Horde, as for the first three turns, his army really contributed nothing to the battle. We all gave him a hard time, but in the end, he was able to flood the castle with his units and claimed victory.

So big congratulations to Garret and his come from behind win!

Good times! Garret revels in his come from behind win.

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