Q?When is Storm the Castle! going to be released?

We’re in the final artwork and playtest phases. We’re hoping to launch a KickStarter campaign late October or early September. We’re looking at winter 2012 launch or sooner to have these on store shelves!

For those unfamiliar with KickStarter, it’s a way where others help fund your game by “pre-purchasing” the game.

Q?How long has Storm the Castle! taken to develop.

Initial ideas were concepted out late 2009. Over numerous revisions and playtests we have a final incarnation. We want to make sure we’ve covered everything and squashed any bugs prior to release.

Q?Will there be more expansions for Storm the Castle!?

YES! Two are planned, with one currently being play tested.

Q?Any other games planned?

Absolutely. We’ve got two games being developed right now which we think will add another unique theme and game mechanics that players will love!