Special thanks to “Baron” from Thailand for creating his very own Storm the Castle! unit. He submitted his own back story on the unit. You can also order “The General” by going to our webstore. Please note this unit is not tournament approved.

A few centuries ago, there was a great human strategist and tactician. His name was High General Baron von Siam. Beside him were his two most loyal guards: Mai, the Night Elf, and Ryan,The Orc. Both guards were armed with powerful weapons invented by High General Baron von Siam, the infamous Gatling Guns heralded as The Rose and The Black Death.

Together the three led an ally army triumph against many invaders, dragons, and monsters. As a result, everyone enjoyed an Era of peace. When the war came to an end, the Baron decided to retire and open a board game shop in Thailand, which is where he eventually died a peaceful death.

Now, once again, the land is in peril. The four Dark Force armies have completely surrounded the Fantasy Defender’s capital city stronghold at the Castle Storm Haven. Because of the enormity of the Dark Force armies, the soldiers and villagers will not be able to survive until reinforcements arrive. Fortunately, an old wizard decides to use forbidden magic to offer them a measure of relief. The wizard wants to casts a great necromancer spell. It is a most powerful spell that can bring a man back to life, not as one of the mindless undead, but instead fully conscious with all his previous mental faculties intact. In such a time of need, who should he resurrect to provide the greatest strength for the Fantasy Defender army? An emergency meeting was held with the Wizard Council of Elders.

Everyone present agreed that a War Hero from the past should be summoned to answer the call to help defend Castle Storm Haven. By order of the Council, the wizard cast his spell. The spell was cast in the darkest part of the night at the grave site of High General Baron von Siam.
As soon as the wizard’s incantations were done, High General Baron von Siam’s left skeletal hand pushed out of the grave. It was soon followed by his right human hand which was still covered in flesh. And then, out climbed his half decayed human body.

The wizard uttered under his breath, “Yes, yes, the High General is back among the living!”
“Sorry to disturb your rest, High General,” the old wizard said as he handed the General his finely pressed military uniform. “I summoned you because we are in dire need of your help”
“It’s ok. It feels so good to be above ground again. What’s the situation?” asked the High General, as he put on his uniform. When you are ready, we must go to the Wizard Council and they will tell you what is so urgent. “Well, it is time, I am ready. Take me to the Council!” demanded the High General.

Standing before the Wizard Council the High General was informed of the swarming danger amassed by the Dark Force armies around them as well as the status of their Castle defenses.
The High general looked over the assembled soldiers. “You want me to hold the castle with these exhausted soldiers?”
“You are our last hope”, the wizards replied.
“How can I Fight without the full use of my hands? That will definitely be a limitation; however, I am determined to help you in this, your time of need.” The High general started to leave the Council for the castle courtyard.
“Your right hand is here” whispered a female voice from behind High General.

She was a beautiful female Night Elf. Stepping out from the shadows she was carrying a Gatling gun, nicknamed The Rose.
“How come there’s a Night Elf in our keep?” said one confused wizard as a nearby soldier prepared to attack her.

The High General turned his head and saw the Night Elf. “Soldier stand down!! Don’t worry, she’s one of us. Her name is Mai.”
She was still as beautiful as he remembered her from the past. As everyone knows, an elf’s life span is really long. The High General directed his body toward her as she stood in front of the Council.

“Your right hand is here with my weapon, The Rose. I have taken care of her for about 200 years”.
Mai joins the High General and follows him as he walks toward the door of the Council Chamber. He and Mai ascend the inner stairs of the castle to the top of its Western wall.

“So, I will now fight and win with just one hand!” declared the High General as he looked upon the Dark Force armies arrayed on all four sides of the castle.

He notices a company of Orcs marching toward the castle. Suddenly, they all fall like timbered trees. Only a young Orc is left standing holding a large animal hide in both arms with great plumes of dark smoke coming out from under it.

The young Orc runs toward the wall upon which the High General standing and reveals his weapon as he throws the animal hide to one side. He is carrying a Gatling gun, that many years ago was dubbed The Black Death.”

The High General Raises his hand to stop the wall mounted archers from firing at the young Orc.”
“Your face looks familiar. That weapon belonged to an old friend of mine, however, I don’t think I know you“, shouted the High General to the young Orc.
“My name is Ray, descendent of Ryan the original bearer of the Black Death. I’ve come to serve you, High General. Ryan is my great great grandfather” the young Orc shouted.
“Now both my hands are strengthened beyond measure. Our victory is assured!!” The High General shouted. “Act quickly! Lower a basket and pull up Ray so that he can join us!!” The archers obey and lift Ray from the ground to the top of the castle wall.
“I seem to recall something Ray. Your great great grandfather still owes me 300 bucks which you should return to me after we survive this war”, the High General said in jest.
“To your positions!” commanded the High General as his two loyal guards ran toward opposite towers on the General’s left and right-hand side.

Castle Storm Haven, with its host of Fantasy Defenders, steadily stood ready to unleash its fury on the invading Dark Force armies as soon as they came within striking distance. Meanwhile, the vengeful Dark Forces proceeded to march on toward Storm Haven Castle—wanting nothing less than to defeat their sworn mortal enemies.

The siege battle against Castle Storm Haven was about to be set in motion. Future historians will record the deeds, heroics, and the final outcome of that great and terrible day.