Imagine you’re a goblin farmer raising temperamental orcish pygs who would do anything to get their cute razor like teeth sunk deep into you. Now imagine, these pygs want to make babies and you’ve got to keep them happy or else. Finally, imagine every other nearby goblin farmer is eying your rich fertile lands and have no qualms sending their pygs to take them over!



Pyg Farmer is a unique and fun themed 2-4 player game of rich resource management, market trading, pyg battles, and keeping your deadly cute pyglets happy lest you risk losing life and limb!. Players take turns harvesting materials, completing quests, and exploring new farm lands to settle their ever growing horde of Pygs to breed and harvest to sell materials on the market.


Each turn is broken up into four seasons each giving unique bonuses and penalties. At the end of the cold winter will you have enough food to feed your pygs? In Spring will you pygs be in the mood to make babies? In Summer will you be ready for the invasions? In Fall will you have enough resources to trade with other players? Players win by collecting the most rewards by the end of year 5.

Players will have plenty of interesting combinations of options to choose from including: what resources will you sell or buy from the market, will you upgrade your farm, explore new lands, keep your pygs lazy or move them, harvest your pygs for resources and risk their wrath, battle other pygs, play unique action cards, mutate your pygs into new vile species, complete secret goals, and much more!

Each player has a Pyg Happiness track that measures how much they love or hate you, if they feel safe, and if they’re getting enough play time. Should these levels fall to low you’ll face the deep wrath of these brutish creatures!

Pyg Farmer was developed to be a fun, yet strategic game of decisions to survive the seasons and stick it to other players!


Final components have yet to be decided, but rest assured they’ll be plenty of pyg meeples, terrain cards, tokens, reference cards, and tons of pyg love packed into the game box!


We’re going to be doing a near simultaneous release of Tanks of War and Pyg Farmer. Expected release date is Fall2013.