Grab some Kickstarter Stretch Rewards to enhance your Storm the Castle! experience! Want em’ all? Scroll to the Total Package image for special savings. Below the Stretch Rewards are additional Kickstarter Add-ons.

$59.99 and includes 2 promo cards!

Order Storm the Castle! now and for a limited time receive 2 random promo cards offered during our Kickstarter campaign. Included in the price is shipping based on if your in the US, International or in Canada. **If you live in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thaliand, any nation in the Pacific, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, or Eastern Europe, please contact us as shipping is slightly higher from $5-15 than the list price above.

Storm the Castle! (STC) is an exciting and challenging 1-4 player, semi-cooperative game. Players control 1 of the 4 unique Dark Force armies in a race to breach Castle Storm Haven’s defenses and overrun its Fantasy Defenders. The game’s unique mechanics allow for players to constantly be in the action. Since the strategies, card combinations, and paths to winning are so varied, players will have a unique experience each game played. Finally, a game where it’s good to be bad!

Included are the rules, a mighty and massive game board, and over 445 pieces with rich detailed art which immerses players in the mighty clash of taking down a castle!

Click to watch our epic Kickstarter game over view video. Read the rules here.


Enhance your Storm the Castle!  experience with new units, new powers, extra dice and much more!

Get ALL the Stretch Rewards and more in one package for $70 (regularly $91.91) and save $22! This includes the 4 Dark Force Power Cards and 4 Dark Force Units, two Boss Cards, the Demon Ninja Monkey, Wood Elf Sniper, Dawn Patrol, Change in the Air, Boss Dice, Armordillo, the General, the Samurai Cook! This doesn’t include the game.



Get the extra (non-stretch reward) add-ons in one click. Includes: The General, Armordillo, Boss Card “I Can Trust You Can’t I?”, and the Samurai Cook


$19.99 (Special Price: Normally $23.99)

Fuel the invasion of darkness with 4 new Dark Force units: the Arcanist’s MagiLiborian, The Dark Elves’ Myst Ranger, the Green Tide’s Goblin Weapon Master, and the Undead Horde’s Mistress of Deception! *Includes game cards and game pieces. (SR)



















Enhance your reign of power with these 4 new Dark Force Power Cards. (SR)












Boss Cards

Add 2 new powerful Boss cards to your game and stick it to the Fantasy Defenders. Includes the “Screaming for Vengeance” Stretch Reward and “I can trust you, can’t I?” limited Loyalty Card (not a stretch reward).









Hailing from parts unknown, the Demon Ninja Monkey Mercenary unit compliments any Dark Force army with the ability to continuously attack (so long as it continues to damage those around it)! *Includes game card and game piece. (SR)









Unleash the cooking fury of the Samuari Cook, Mercenary Champion for the Dark Forces! Though no one’s sure how long he’ll stay in the battle, each turn he gains in strength. Take a turn to flip the Cook and heal all damage on him! *Includes game card and game piece. (Not a stretch reward).








The Armodillo is a special unit conceived and helped designed by one of our Kickstarters, Paul Schwartz. As a Mercenary Champion, the Armorillo is a force of nature. Forget about the Castle Walls, he can dig under them! *Includes game card and game piece. (Not a stretch reward).










Compliment the Fantasy Defender’s reinforcement pool with the elusive Wood Elf Sniper. As the first elvish unit to grace the defender’s with his presence, the Sniper has the Ranged First Strike ability (meaning he strikes first even in ranged combat!). Adding to his strength is the ability to not be hit in melee combat! Truly one of the more powerful defender units. *Includes game card and game piece. (SR)









The Dawn Patrol unit patrols the 4 Battlefield Locations ensuring no Dark Force is harassing its inhabitants. While at a Battlefield Location, the Patrol increases the Peasants attack, health, and removes the Peasants “Strikes Last” ability! *Includes game card and game piece. (SR)









Likely one of the nastiest and game changing Event Cards to-date, “A Change in the Air” is devastating! (SR)










High General Baron Von Siam, a Fantasy Defender Hero, was conceived and developed by our Kickstarter, “Baron”. The General has interesting mechanics with him using his Guards to do his dirty work. Please note the full rules will be posted for the General in the coming weeks including the print and play guard tokens (from our website). *Includes game card and game piece. (Not a stretch reward).







Limited Edition Boss Burst Die

Limited Edition Boss Burst Die – $4.99 (SR)



Dice and Accessories


Faction Battle Dice

Faction Burst dice

Faction Burst dice


Standard Burst and Battle Dice

Standard Burst Dice (grab these if you get the Faction Battle Dice and NOT the Faction Burst Dice)



Flaunt your new found power with this exclusive Boss token

Use this token to clearly show who controls the Fantasy Defenders during the turn.
Tokens, Posters, Sleeves, and More!