Tanks of War: Third Reich Rising™ 

Tanks of War has been a joy to design. It’s fluid mechanics allow for rapid turns, all the while engaging players to put into play strategies on solving the tactical problems of the battlefield. Unlike many other WW2 games that are overly rules heavy or expensive to get into, TOW is easy to learn yet emphasizes critical decision making under the roar of enemy fire” – Rich Nelson, designer of Tanks of War. Download the rules here.

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Tanks of War (TOW) is a fast playing 2-4-player WW2 deck building board game of strategy, skill and maneuver of massive tank battles on the Eastern Front designed to play in about an hour. Using new and innovative deck building and battle mechanics, TOW pits the Germans vs. the Soviet Union during the opening salvos of World War 2.  Each vehicle has been painstakingly  researched and then converted into game play terms to ensure maximum realism without being bogged down in game play minutia. When your fighting a T-34 with your Panzer 4, it will be based on historical technical info!

TOW is a unique combination of a board game, miniatures game (without the minis) and deck building game. The strategies are endless and the turns are tense with each shot making a difference!

TOW brings the intensity of WW2 tank battles into an easy-to-understand and play format which will delight historical buffs and casual gamers looking for deep strategy, explosive turns, and pitch battles.


Players customize their own unique battle deck which includes cards that alter game play and vehicles such as mighty KV-1s, Panzers, and tank destroyers. Played over a massive game board, both sides must purchase the right action cards and vehicles to win.


Tanks of War comes with 2 decks that both the Germans and Soviet Union/Russians can customize, game board, tokens, dice and much more.

  • One massive 23 inch game board representing the plains of Russia
  • 2 Player Reference Cards
  • Battle Dice including d4, d6, d8, and d10 dice
  • Over 100 double sided full color tokens
  • Over 200 double sided full color game cards with authentic photos representing various models of Panzers, T-34s, KV1s and many more. Also included are Force Cards which can alter game rules and give your tank commanders the edge they need on the battlefield
  • 20+ page full color rulebook with variants and historical scenarios that create endless re-playability
  • 10 Terrain Cards
  • Note: components are being finalized and may change


Unique to Tanks of War is the ability for players to customize their deck prior to the game. This allows gamers to field the right mix of vehicles and Force Cards to meet the challenges they’ll face on the battlefield!


Players can choose to play a quick 30 minute game or set up a mighty clash lasting upwards to 1.5 hours.


The initial release of TOW is roughly from the beginning of Operation Barbarossa(the invasion of Russia by Germany) to June 1942. Each vehicle is relative to that time period. Future expansions will unleash new vehicles, like the mighty King Tiger, British, and Americans. Additionally, rules for self-propelled guns (SPGs), aircraft, soldiers, heroic tank commanders are in the works.


Giant Goblin Games will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund TOW and bring this innovative deck building strategy game to your table  sometime in Summer 2013.


Tanks of War: Third Reich Rising Preview VideoWe thought we’d get a little artsy with this video. Click on the image to start the video.  TOWPREVIEW2